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Spices processing starts from collection of material till delivered.

Raw materials are stored in a separate warehouse to avoid contamination
Spices are sorted and checked prior to the sterilisation process
Spices are Steam Sterilized with specific related temperature in order to maintain their characteristic attributes
Sterilized Spices are ground as per Customer requirement
Ground spices are weighed and packed.
All spices have to pass In House Laboratory tests prior to be released.
Packed Spices "Released" and ready for delivery
C 8-9, Sinar Gedangan, Sidoarjo, City: Surabaya, East Java - Indonesia
(20 minutes away from Surabaya - International Airport)
Tel: 62 ( 31 ) 8014648 | Fax: 62 ( 31 ) 8014650
Email: info@supasurya.com